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Galande portraitDr. Sanjeev Galande obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from the Indian Institute of Science in 1996. As a postdoctoral fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA from 1996-2001, he studied the role of MAR-binding proteins in tumorigenesis. Dr. Galande served in National Centre for Cell Science in Pune from 2001-2010. From 2010, he is Professor at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER, Pune). Research in his laboratory is focused on studying how the dynamic changes in higher-order chromatin assembly govern gene expression in a spatial and temporal manner. At IISER, he heads the Centre of Excellence in Epigenetics (CoEE) and has assembled a team of scientists to study the evolution of epigenetic mechanisms using multiple model systems. Epigenetics is an emerging field of research that holds great potential to uncover the secrets of the blueprint of life. The CoE in Epigenetics focuses on epigenetic modifications underlying variety of biologically important phenomena and their role in gene expression, regeneration, cancer, behavior, aging and evolution. To fulfill these goals, he has established a multidisciplinary program engaged at the interface of biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, cell biology, proteomics and genomics. His lab has also contributed a number of innovative technologies for biological research, including a novel cassette for expression and purification of recombinant proteins. He has 47 publications in peer reviewed journals, 3 chapters in books and 1 patent to his credit.

Dr. Galande is a recipient of the International Senior Research Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust, UK, from 2005-2010, the National Bioscience award in 2006 from Department of Biotechnology (DBT), the Swarnajayanti Fellowship in 2007 from Department of Science & Technology (DST) and the Shantiswaroop Bhatnagar Award in 2010 from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Dr. Galande is an elected fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences (2010) and the Indian National Science Academy (2012).

He is a perfect role model for biotech students willing to pursue research in biotechnology. His message for the students is: 

The M.Sc. Biotechnology program developed by the Department of Biotechnology provides an advanced practical knowledge of biotechnology and molecular genetic technologies underpinning modern biotechnology and how they can be applied to solve real world problems. The course provides opportunities for biotechnology students to develop and demonstrate state-of-the-art knowledge, skills, qualities and understanding of selected topics in biotechnology as well as basic biology. As an MSc Biotechnology student, I was exposed to many new courses including interdisciplinary courses such as biostatistics and bioorganic chemistry, which have been instrumental in providing a broader base towards my pursuit of science. All these courses as well as the excellent practicals provided in-depth knowledge of the subject and paved the way for my career in biology.